Oct 2, 2009

Make Web Directories As A Friend

Make web directories as a friend! this statement is valid for bloggers who want to raise their blog rank or statistic into higher level. By submitting or registering your blog address to any web directories, you will have a chance to having high ranking blog. Some of web directories are free of submit, while other web directory normally priced some dollars for this submission.
the benefit of using web directory is..
people will easy to find your blog and this will increase traffic to your web blog. i already joined and submit my blog address to a free web directory. but, the bad news is you will get extra spam on your email inbox that telling you about the web directory offers! well, its doesn't matter if the traffic always raise up even the raising value is not really significant as Yahoo! or Business.com at first. :)
Just only sign up to one web directories, you will get abundant listing web directory about your blog. The way is common and simple but many bloggers failed of this searching optimization. just try and you will know how the web directory works! by now, let's start posting hot topics or related issues with most discussion, get backling and site tracking!

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