Oct 2, 2009

The AION Invation

Nowadays, MMO online games is getting hyped! after Lineage and Lineage II - today we've got the newest one aion. Aion is teen rated games which is developed by NCSoft. Providing with best graphic character, you will fall in love with this game. On official site, there is a aion forum. We can ask and learn about how to play Aion on the forum and other player will help us there. Next, you may customize the character (from the armor, character type, genre, and many more) until yours becoming popular, original, and have a cool details so that it can be offer with high price! make money from Aion character
is creative way. beside you play the game, you have to increase the number of character quality. I know it lil'bit because my friend has already done it well. He sold his character for $40 each. WOW.

The picture above is the aion forum preview. Before you log in to the forum, you must register once at first. there are some topics and sub forums (like another forum normally). Beside this forum, the website is really helpful. I've read some instruction and guidelines how to play Aion. but i guess it will be better if someone tell me how to play directly. LETS PLAY AND MAKE A CASH!

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