Oct 2, 2009

Being An Forum Admin

In some cases, if you've done your business by opening an online store.. it would be good if you provide a forum on it site. The forum contents itself will discuss about latest information, such as: site content, customer service, your offer, testimonials, suggestion from customers, etc. The forum also help you to learn how to being an forum admin, beside managing your business. How to start the online forum? I said it's not easy. why? because you need extra time to stand by on the forum. The customers possibly have a thinking that your online store has very good response and not a scam site.
I found many ways to start becoming admin. Just googling, you can find the free site to built forum for free and only sign up with your desired forum name. It's necessary for you to learn about vBulletin or php online, html code, structure of the forum online, and so on. To make it easier, you can hire a person which is already know about everything on the forum (think twice before you act!).
In the future, this forum will have another function - not only the primary function - but it can be a new media to make small community of your store. The customers who trust you, they will send very good testimonial on forum board.

Indirectly, your sales product will increase within your communication as the forum admin with the customers.

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