Feb 14, 2010

Valentine Day and Chinese New Year

today is very special day. This Sunday we celebrate Lunar New Year and Valentine Day!!!
enjoy beautiful moments with your lovely family, friends, and others. now its great time to hold your business for awhile and giving each other your true love.
any gift? chocolates? or delicious barbecue! whatever.. once, i just wanna say:



Jan 17, 2010

Valentine Gift, Valentine Business

Hey people..January gonna end soon! next month is February and i believe everybody know that! but have you think about the valentine gift for your special one? some of you say yes while the others say no. Right, i'll give you suggestion like these: you may buy favorite or branded perfume - with feminine fragrance like 212, paris hilton, calvin klein, bvlgari, dior, armani; bring a beautiful flower (deasy, rose, or lily); simply giving delicious chocolate cake - but i loved strawberry cheescake or giving one night pleasure for her?!

Jan 16, 2010

Increase Your Blog Traffic

so many blogposts talk about SEO, page rank (PR), and business web directory. from the three stuff i've said, they can make one thing! ---- popularity. tons of tricks to have a hight page rank, the way to submit on web directoy, and optimizing your blog title so search engine will easy to list your blog to the top of the search page and being targeted.
in case, i really don't know how i get the google page rank till 3 in quick single weeks. but i know some factors

What is Auction on eBay?

online marketers maybe familiar with eBay. I've got same experiences when i'm trying to selling something on eBay. New comers like me, at first, must have a verified and linked eBay account with Paypal account. After that, because of i dont have a reputation or feedback yet, so i only have one possibility to sell my product on eBay by auction method.
How do it work? on listing process, you have to input a minimum price and listing time line. when buyer see your product and