Oct 2, 2009

The AION Invation

Nowadays, MMO online games is getting hyped! after Lineage and Lineage II - today we've got the newest one aion. Aion is teen rated games which is developed by NCSoft. Providing with best graphic character, you will fall in love with this game. On official site, there is a aion forum. We can ask and learn about how to play Aion on the forum and other player will help us there. Next, you may customize the character (from the armor, character type, genre, and many more) until yours becoming popular, original, and have a cool details so that it can be offer with high price! make money from Aion character

Make Web Directories As A Friend

Make web directories as a friend! this statement is valid for bloggers who want to raise their blog rank or statistic into higher level. By submitting or registering your blog address to any web directories, you will have a chance to having high ranking blog. Some of web directories are free of submit, while other web directory normally priced some dollars for this submission.
the benefit of using web directory is..

Blog and Money

well, after so many time.. finally i back on writing blog post. why? the reason is simple. It's about money. A few months ago, i joined with paid review program which is today named blogadvertisingstore and today (since September) when i sign in to my account - there are some blog post opportunities to write!

For details, BAS is simply paid to blog program. They will give you minimum $7 for each blog content. The requirement to join this program are blog with good statistic, blogadvertisingstore account, and your original blog post. Damn easy anyway!

Being An Forum Admin

In some cases, if you've done your business by opening an online store.. it would be good if you provide a forum on it site. The forum contents itself will discuss about latest information, such as: site content, customer service, your offer, testimonials, suggestion from customers, etc. The forum also help you to learn how to being an forum admin, beside managing your business. How to start the online forum? I said it's not easy. why? because you need extra time to stand by on the forum. The customers possibly have a thinking that your online store has very good response and not a scam site.
I found many ways to start becoming admin. Just googling, you can find the free site to built forum for free and only sign up with your desired forum name.

Oct 1, 2009

Freak Offer, Mad Auction

are you feeling bored with common way of shopping online? Don't worry! today i am willing to inform yo about the latest shopping online provider which has super cheap bargains system and totally mad. It is BidHere.com !
Every cool stuffs are offered there. you may find
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