Oct 2, 2009

Blog and Money

well, after so many time.. finally i back on writing blog post. why? the reason is simple. It's about money. A few months ago, i joined with paid review program which is today named blogadvertisingstore and today (since September) when i sign in to my account - there are some blog post opportunities to write!

For details, BAS is simply paid to blog program. They will give you minimum $7 for each blog content. The requirement to join this program are blog with good statistic, blogadvertisingstore account, and your original blog post. Damn easy anyway!

for some bloggers like me, BAS can be the good place to make money for free. For another bloggers, BAS can build traffic to their blog also by doing advertise on blogs or hire the BAS member to review the blog.The program not only focused on blogger. Another site author may join with BAS blog advertising program which is i already mentioned. After you joined, just put the widget to your blog and let someone hire you by clicking on that widget or just reserve some opportunities on BAS homepage.
Blogadvertisingstore will pay you after you have reached $100 to your PayPal account. This term has been changed. Before that the pay out is $25. But it's not a problem for us if your blog ranks statistic is very good. for example, alexa rank above 1,000,000 and minimun have google pagerank 1. (bigger ranks bigger payment)
If you dont have any idea to write the blog post, you may search for some inspiration from reading magazine, website, or friend's web blogs. The point is you have to provide the original content and don't try to copy-paste from another article. Trust me, if you do on the rule.. everything is easy!
All of these is totally FREE! like my second blog post: Lets Go to Start!

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