Jan 31, 2009

How to Make PayPal

Make money on the internet is quite uneasy if you dont have any virtual account such as Paypal. Paypal has the same function as your money account but it's provided virtually so that you dont need to expose your credit card number while the transaction happened (seems this topic quite serious) lol.. PayPal has a lot of function such as making payment, shopping online, or if you have online shops it can be used for making billing transaction between your company and your customer. Not only that, this virtual account is very secure and it can received funds from any credit card everywhere. if you dont have Paypal account yet, lets start by clicking this banner!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

  1. click SIGN UP TODAY!
  3. if you are beginner, i suggest you to choose Personal account (can be upgraded to another premier/business for free later). then click GET STARTED button
  4. fill all the blank forms (be sure to insert your real identity). click I AGREE, CREATE MY ACCOUNT*) fill the phone number with this format:COUNTRY CODE - AREA CODE - PHONE NUMBER e.g. for Victoria, Australia: 61-3-04256954
  5. check your email inbox, you'll receive notification from Paypal. click on the link URL inside the mail to verify your email account. (your email now become Paypal ID)
  6. Finished for email verification! but your Paypal account status is still 'unverified' now.
to make it 'verified', submit your valid credit card information. The purpose is just to make sure that you're 18+ and the owner of that credit card. If you agree, Paypal will charge your credit card for $1.95 to your credit card monthly billing. And you have to waiting for expuse number that will be published by email. now, put the expuse number to the verification next step on PayPal. Finally, your paypal is 'verified' now and you have $1.95 in PayPal balance! if you dont have credit card yet, dont worry.. you can buy VCC (Virtual Credit Card) on the VCC webstore. The price is about $6.5 - $10 each (the step quite same as using credit card). Anyway, it's okay if its still unverified. The problem is just limitation using the account features.
this is my account as example..

Jan 18, 2009

Make Money While Asking Question

Have you ever heard that asking something will be paid you? Another way to make money is available for you.. The system is very simple. By the first time, just answer random question that you loved to answer on the site (reffered by other member). After that, you will be able to post the question to earn money by clicking "post related question". Then just wait.. the balance will generated every 30 minutes. Admin will pay you on date 21th each month to your PayPal account. and your balance on the site must reach minimum pay out - $0.05 .
Let's join!!! it's great deal ever.

My Payment Proofs:

Jan 15, 2009

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Pro Software. Shall We Need?

Budgeting is common way to utilize our money for the next term of uses. The budget itself comes from our income since our working hard day by day. If we do not utilize to spend it or to save it, we will face the terrible situation when we get unexpected expenses like hospital expenses or any accidental expenses. To help us to do that (budgeting), there is You Need a Budget (YNAB)Pro software.

YNAB Pro is a spesific personal budget program which is available in Windows application and the spreadsheet is customizable in both Excel and Open Office. YNAB Pro is stand alone software (not integrated with Microsoft Money or even Quicken). It was created special for budgeting and handle it better than any all-in-one finance software.

The YNAB methodology uses four rules of cash flow management, which are:
  1. Stop living paycheck to paycheck (have use the buffer)
  2. Give every dollar a job (all dollar way down to zero)
  3. Prepare for Rain
  4. Roll with the punches (overaging accross next month's budget)
This budget sofware has good layout, unique screen direction, and it is helpful. Those means that YNAB Pro had designed very professional. In addition, YNAB Pro is the answer to manage or to maintain our accounts in case budgeting and it guides us to get more excellence.

Recommended Paid Review Program

Everybody has already know what paid review program is. PTR or Paid-to-Review is another way making money online, beside Adsense program or maybe PTC ( Paid-to-Click) programs.
Ciao! Yes. One of PTR programs that is highly recommended. Ciao is trusted PTR sponsored by Microsoft. The system to review is very easy and sociable. why? another part from reviewing the products, members of Ciao are able to communicate with other members. Giving review's rate each other, sending private message and commenting on any review made by Ciao' member. If you are interested, just click here or click the banner to sign up! I suggest you to have PayPal account after finishing the last signing up step. (dont have Paypal yet? register here for free)
In this community, there is a unique sign to indentify the member. For example, newbie member on Ciao has white dot sign, after the community point gained up to 2000 - the color become green, and 5000 above become blue, and so on.. it not neccessary for the first time.

Steps to Join Ciao:
  1. Click the banner above to sign up
  2. Fill the form then click Start Now button!
  3. Before you start to review something, please upload your interest picture or photo. and dont forget! edit your profile (fill the additional info and your PayPal email address there).
  4. Review anything that you wanted as many as u can. The review must be original, dont try copying from another source or your account will be banned. Your rewiew at least have to reach more than 200 words or you won't earn cash!
  5. Add another Ciao's Members to be your friend and rate them. If you have a lot of friends, your community point will raise and they are possibly to give comment for your review.
  6. Enjoy posting review!
Your review will be paid by Ciao - $0.25/ review. And it will be transfered to your PayPal account after you reach minimum balance $5.0. The proccess quite longer, it takes about 5 weeks workdays. I offer this program because i've been paid last week. Let's join and any offer on this site totally FREE!

download tips & trik review here!
and this is payment proof i'd received as example..

Jan 9, 2009


Digital era has already come and developed since a few years ago. One of the digital era's product is Internet access. Yes, nowadays many people are able to connect with internet access wherever they are. Abundant features and benefits that we can find on internet, such as news update, social network, chatting, selling products, shopping online, even blogging.
Today, let discuss about the last one i've said, blogging. Blogs itself simply is media to write anything that the publisher or author wants to and almost all blog is provided free so that anyone can join. Between use of blog as second diary, blog also this day can be used for making money online. How come? lot of ways to earn money from that way. One of the ways is advertise on blogs.
If you have a spare time at home, why dont you try this? it's very easy. damn easy by the way. first, just sign up the blog and then posting your anything on your blog. Second, post about anything that you want to share for example, about your cooking experience, your ideas, love stories, bussiness, internet marketing, products, etc (but dont try to post adult content, porn, or anything that make your blog banned). After that you will build your own traffic on the blog. If your blog have very high traffic, it's possibly anyone want to advertise on your blog. voila, you just put ads price on your blog then people who advertise on it will pay you. It means traffic = money! And the last, dont forget to join PayingPost if you want make money on that way then PayingPost will give you extra income with your blog's posts. You can start earning money from posting review on your blog and referring advertiser to buy review on PayingPost. is easy right?!
So, dont waste the time! join PayingPost now and feel the benefit of internet, earning money from your own blog. i already join there and TOTALLY FREE!!!

Advertise on blogs

Jan 6, 2009

From The Author

Welcome people to the another web blog story.
Finally, Wadaw Online just launched. The WO's blog hope will be able to contributed in giving any information about making-money-online tips & tricks, technology issues, ideas, our experiences, and problems-solving being in the future. In this blog, anyone can share, learn, and innovate about all the things that I've said before. So many informations will be given. It's very nice of you if you want to visit this blog in every single time. Let's start this blog with finest thing and don't forget to take a part of it.
Thank you.

Best champaign,

The WO's Author.

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