Jan 15, 2009

Recommended Paid Review Program

Everybody has already know what paid review program is. PTR or Paid-to-Review is another way making money online, beside Adsense program or maybe PTC ( Paid-to-Click) programs.
Ciao! Yes. One of PTR programs that is highly recommended. Ciao is trusted PTR sponsored by Microsoft. The system to review is very easy and sociable. why? another part from reviewing the products, members of Ciao are able to communicate with other members. Giving review's rate each other, sending private message and commenting on any review made by Ciao' member. If you are interested, just click here or click the banner to sign up! I suggest you to have PayPal account after finishing the last signing up step. (dont have Paypal yet? register here for free)
In this community, there is a unique sign to indentify the member. For example, newbie member on Ciao has white dot sign, after the community point gained up to 2000 - the color become green, and 5000 above become blue, and so on.. it not neccessary for the first time.

Steps to Join Ciao:
  1. Click the banner above to sign up
  2. Fill the form then click Start Now button!
  3. Before you start to review something, please upload your interest picture or photo. and dont forget! edit your profile (fill the additional info and your PayPal email address there).
  4. Review anything that you wanted as many as u can. The review must be original, dont try copying from another source or your account will be banned. Your rewiew at least have to reach more than 200 words or you won't earn cash!
  5. Add another Ciao's Members to be your friend and rate them. If you have a lot of friends, your community point will raise and they are possibly to give comment for your review.
  6. Enjoy posting review!
Your review will be paid by Ciao - $0.25/ review. And it will be transfered to your PayPal account after you reach minimum balance $5.0. The proccess quite longer, it takes about 5 weeks workdays. I offer this program because i've been paid last week. Let's join and any offer on this site totally FREE!

download tips & trik review here!
and this is payment proof i'd received as example..


  1. huhu..sayangnya account ciao saya udh di ban tanpa sebab yang jelas..udah banding beberapa kali tapi ga ada balesan juga..mu bikin lagi kayanya udah keburu habis inspirasi nih soalnya yg dulu udah banyak juga ngereviewnya..tapi untungnya udah dibayar $12 2x :D
    sukses ngereviewnya ya..

  2. yaa.. hopefully u'd got it. at least being paid $12 twice is much better than u didnt get anything.
    well, i guess it will be scam someday. just waiting till that day come. LOLs

    thanks for visiting my blog dev.