Jan 16, 2010

Increase Your Blog Traffic

so many blogposts talk about SEO, page rank (PR), and business web directory. from the three stuff i've said, they can make one thing! ---- popularity. tons of tricks to have a hight page rank, the way to submit on web directoy, and optimizing your blog title so search engine will easy to list your blog to the top of the search page and being targeted.
in case, i really don't know how i get the google page rank till 3 in quick single weeks. but i know some factors that will make it the same way too in your blog. anchoring your post title to your blog post (about 2 key words and linked URL), posting a hot topics related to your blog theme ---- e.g. if your blog only discuss about adult activity just trying to start topic with sex life or healthy workers and so on, active posting at least twice a month, blogwalking to your friends blog, using alexa add-on to your browser especially firefox users.
Quality directory insertion will also help you to increase the popularity of the blog. the result, when everyone is using search engine looking for article they needed, they will land to your blog. so it means traffic. there were simple way. i advanced to you to try it by yourself. learning by doing quotation is always true -- i guess! :)

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