Jan 17, 2010

Valentine Gift, Valentine Business

Hey people..January gonna end soon! next month is February and i believe everybody know that! but have you think about the valentine gift for your special one? some of you say yes while the others say no. Right, i'll give you suggestion like these: you may buy favorite or branded perfume - with feminine fragrance like 212, paris hilton, calvin klein, bvlgari, dior, armani; bring a beautiful flower (deasy, rose, or lily); simply giving delicious chocolate cake - but i loved strawberry cheescake or giving one night pleasure for her?! yeah! all is up to you. bring something simple but still memorable. however, share your love to the maximum.

well, related to money making.. you can take a reseller perfume and sell it with best price, so that you have high profit; selling 'love' souvenir with T-shirt for the couple, or maybe becoming a flower dropshipper? why not! as much as you can, just do it. In daily, you may find a bottle perfume is US$120 you can sell with price US$130. Or maybe if you had already started with this business, congratulations guys! Just take any chance and get the benefit beside you give a gift.
i argue that valentine day this year is special. Even i dont have any relationship, i can enjoy doing some business. When i'm thinking to give something, i were able to making some goods. and hopefully it works better.

all my explain is only an example. feeling inspired? if you focus on that moment, you can get more than i ever told before. trust me! all your right moves is all your places making money. so go ahead with your business, but please take this one. spread the love win the cupid bucks. lol :D

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