Sep 14, 2009

Your Blog Your Impression

Like what i've been said on previous post, a blog nowadays becoming an extraordinary marketing machine. Not only providing media to share your own story but the blog can make more customer for your business - especially online marketing.
How it can be worked? the answer is.. very easy! just make your own blog (i recommend blogger or wordpress), choose topic that you like but focus on what is the most wanted topic by searching in google trends, then personalize your blog interface with cool stuff and template which can be downloaded on some free site. Then all you need now is just promote and share what your business is. Your blog language and topic will attract more people to be curious about your own business and
voila they become your customer!

Hey, how if i dont have any business to share with?

In this case.. simply, just write the review about your favourite product (normally called testimonials) on your blog post. so that in the future, another customer will ask for suggestion from you and it is possible that the producer will give you some rewards for your effort. this happened rarely anyway. that's why there a lot of paid-review programs on internet. just choose which match with your blog description and be ware with scammer on PTR site.

the point what i've shared is that.. being original will make a lot of benefit. so be honest with what you've written in your blog.

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