Sep 20, 2009

Beginning with Online Payment Safely

People who spend their most whole life with internet might know about something related with online payment. The online payment itself comes from an online business corps that willing to pay the outsourcing/ freelance workers virtually. In this order, both usually have had an virtual account to transfer the money (e.g. Paypal, AlertPay, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, and many more). To make payment online, you need to sign up for an account freely which requires credit card number as payment hold. Everyone can do transaction everywhere and anytime they wanted by using online payment. It is one of your good way to save your time - very flexible!

How about the security? Is it safe?
well, absolutely the virtual account provider - mostly have a good security system. We will do know about it by several sign, such as:

1. They have web address with premium domain (*.com; *.net; *.us, etc). be careful with the providers whos the domain extension is (*; *; *, *.tk, etc)
2. When people even guest or account holders accessing the account site, it will show them or generated to the domain address begin with HTTPS:// not just HTTP://
3. They just set the user timeline signing in and accessing the account. so, you need to relogging if you were idle.
4. Providing CAPTCHA signature
5. ... you can find it by yourself :D

please notify: be alert with phising, spam, and malware that can damage you online payment. you have to be sure checking the email sender (normally it enclose with tag "dont reply"), don't publish your account details in the forum or any website.

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