Sep 14, 2009

Let's Start Advertising!

Everyone who are enrolling on business program such as selling products or maybe offer an affiliate programs need to advertise. What kind of advertisement? Who's the target and how much should i pay for an ads?
Seriously, advertising now and later is very important thing that you should design in order that you want your product become sold out. The way to advertise is available from the simple one until very complicated one (marketing experience were required). Before knowing the ads type, you have to know
what the advertisement exactly. Advertisement is media to promote business product where the seller provide the thing and the buyer looking for that thing. The ads may contains suggestions, review, price, product features or other things that most of customer needed. Advertisement itself has various type such as banner, short message, text linked, or using third party - google adwords. Beside increasing your business web traffic, the ads indirectly raising your profit value.
but be sure and careful with your ads method. Some customers are feeling annoyed with your ads (spamming). so, to reduce it.. just make an interesting ads design and text. not only that, please dont do that for several times. spam is better just one message each day. For the banner method, i guess its not problem because no people feel loosing out. And for the last one method - like Google adwords method, you need to spent extra money for the ads but dont worry.. what you've paid that what you'll got. i mean the money you spent will bring extra profit and benefit for your business. so? enjoy advertising!

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