Feb 4, 2009

Homepages That Paid with Poundsterling

Some people who are commonly making money on the web sometimes feel bored with dollars. do you? well, me too. haha.. anyway, today's occasion i just wanna tell you another 'field' to make money and it pays with Pounds (£) not dollars ($). I do believe some of you ever heard this, My-HomePages-Friend (MyHPF). Simply, the program just quite same with Google Search, but the different is MyHPF based on Yahoo! Search.
They pay the member for only searching on the web by making they own search engine and save it as homepage. It such simple things. you can input anything that you want to search right on your MyHPF. It's so interesting! and once more.. Free to signup!

here there is..

  • you will be paid if your balance has reached £20 (min. payout)
  • your balance will be accumulated until you get the minimum payout.
  • this is the example of my homepage:

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